Frequently Asked Questions

LinCrest’s farm raised animals are produced out of 100% registered Black Angus Seed Stock and registered Dorper Sheep Seed Stock.

LinCrest Steers are farm raised in a low stress environment and typically slaughtered at around 12 to 14 months old or 1200lbs to 1300lbs. They are primarily grass fed but are fed a ration of 16% high protein corn, cotton seed hulls mixed with grazing high magnesium grazing minerals two days a week in the spring and summer and 4 to 5 days a week during fall and winter along with fescue hay for forage.

No hormones or antibiotics are used on animals processed for human consumption and the entire herd is part of a complete herd health program that endures a quality high end product superior to western beef.

The hanging weight of our carcass beef is typically 600-700lbs. The carcass is cut into 2 halves and aged for 2 weeks in a dry chilled hanging environment to enhance flavor.( this is equal to a 28 day wet aging process used for commodity beef). Processed weights are typically less due to the fluid loss during the hanging process. Once the aging is complete the carcass is processed into portion sized cuts, vacuum packed and flash frozen for freshness.

LinCrest animals are process and dry aged for 2 weeks and them vacuum sealed and typically flash frozen to customer specs. Dry aging is a process of hanging the carcass for a period of time which enhances taste and aids in making the meat tenderer. This is the old way of processing and delivers a unique flavor not available with wet aged western beef. Because of this process and the fact we do not keep large inventories, our meats are as tasty frozen as fresh. Fresh is also available depending on the stage of meat when your order is processed. Meats are slaughtered and processed at a Federally approved meat processing plant in North Wilkesboro, NC, Thomas Brothers Meat Processing.

LinCrest Farm is located about 20 minutes from Winston-Salem, NC in Yadkin County about 3 miles south of Hwy 421 on hwy 601. For more information about our farming operation go to

Our Resturant customers are always welcome to include the LinCrest logo on their menus and advertising. For more information call Jo at
407-9936. A high resolution image file can be downloaded from link. TIFF or JPEG

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